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Privacy information in English

Privacy at Celia

Updated 9 May 2018

Your privacy is important to us. This is why at Celia, we ensure that all personal data we receive from you are stored and processed securely in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This page contains information about privacy protection at Celia.


Personal data

o What is personal data?
o From what sources does Celia collect personal data?
o For what purpose is my personal data collected?
o How is my data processed?
o Who processes my data?
o To whom is my personal data disclosed?
o How is my data kept up to date?
o How and where can I access my data?
o Cookies and web analytics
o Mobile applications

Data protection and storage at Celia

o How does Celia safeguard my personal data?
o We store your data only while you remain our user

Your rights

o What are your rights?
o How can I erase my data?
o Who can I contact?


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Personal data

What is personal data?

Personal data means all data that can be used to identify a person, such as user information and contact information.

From what sources does Celia collect personal data?

When you register as our user, we collect your contact information and other information related to your user account. The information is asked by the staff of your local library, school or other organisation that registers users of Celia’s services. Some personal data is stored only with your consent and you may deny them from being stored.

We may also contact you to ask for more information about the types of books you are interested in, for example. If necessary, we will also ask for your guardian’s personal data.

The user may report a change of address and other updates to their personal data.
When you use Celia’s service, our database collects information on books you have loaned and devices you use to access the service.

Using the service also automatically generates other data, such as the date you joined as our user and information about your device.

Materials in the Celianet online service and their metadata contain personal data. Contact Celia if the metadata of materials in the Celianet online service contain personal data that you want corrected for inaccuracies or erased. Since 2017, Celia has used metadata provided by BTJ Finland Oy.

For what purpose is my personal data collected?

Celia processes your personal data for the purpose of carrying out its statutory duties.

Personal data is needed to provide the service. Celia asks for information about the reason for your print disability for statistical purposes.

Data in the lending history is collected to allow you to track what material you have loaned in the past. Data is collected for the lending history only with your consent.

With your consent, your personal data are used for Celia’s user communications.

We may also use collected data for statistical purposes and to develop the service but in these cases, individual users are not identifiable.

How is my data processed?

The processing of personal data include the collection, editing, storage, erasure and transfer of data.

In order for Celia to provide you the service, we store your user information in our system and make corrections to the data when your contact information changes, for example.

Celia’s staff are trained to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and the IT solutions used by Celia are as secure as possible.

Celia’s partners are contractually obligated to process your personal data in accordance with data protection legislation and with confidentiality.

Who processes my data?

Your personal data is processed only by persons authorised to do so for the purpose of carrying out their work duties. Your data may be processed by Celia’s staff or the Celia partner that registered you as a user (library, school or other partner). Our subcontractors may process your name and address for the purpose of mailing material such as Braille books.

We also use partners for the technical implementation and provision of our services. These partners do not have access to your personal data for any purposes other than to locate and resolve technical problems in Celia’s systems.

In addition to contractual obligations on data protection, your personal data is protected by an obligation of professional secrecy and the audit logs of data systems.

To whom is my personal data disclosed?

The disclosure of personal data refers to situations in which your personal data is given to another controller to use independently.

Celia will not disclose your personal data to outsiders.

Celia does not process your personal data outside the EU/EEA.

How is my data kept up to date?

We edit your contact information when you notify us of a change, for example. Contact your local library or Celia’s customer service if you wish to update your contact information.

How and where can I access my data?

To view your contact information, log in to Celianet and open the My profile page. You can also ask for your contact information from Celia’s customer service.

After you have logged in to Celianet, you can also change settings such as whether or not the service stores your lending history.

Cookies and web analytics

Cookies are small files that the website sends to the user’s computer when accessing the website. Cookies are used on websites administered by Celia and in Celianet.

Cookies make it possible for users to use our services and for us to develop them further. We use cookies to enable basic functionalities of our websites. These include e.g. logging in and saving personalised settings. Singular users cannot be identified by cookies. Our chat service also uses cookies to identify sessions. Cookies together with device information are used by the chat software to identify one user from the next in order to enable functionality and service.

Cookies also allow us to measure audiences in different parts of the website. This means that cookies are used to compile an anonymous report on the number of visitors to the site. Cookies are used to collect information on the websites from which users access Celia’s site and which parts of Celia’s website users visit, for example.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications by Celia and available in App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store or a similar service are also subject to the terms of use of the respective service provider.

For security reasons, we use web automatics to monitor your mobile app’s connection to Celia. Upon detecting abnormal network traffic, the automated system disconnects you from Celia as a precaution.

Data protection and storage at Celia

How does Celia safeguard my personal data?

We take data protection seriously and process personal data in accordance with good data processing practice. We use encrypted email whenever necessary. Celia’s staff and partners are bound by professional secrecy. Our partners are also contractually obligated to meet an agreed level of data protection.

We store your data only while you remain our user

Celia stores your personal data while you remain our user. We collect and store the minimum possible amount of your personal data. Celia will consider the user relationship ended and erase the personal data if the user has not used the service for two years.

Data other than user information that is generated by the use of the service are stored only for as long as necessary to investigate system errors. For example, we store information about your latest download or loaned CD for five years as a precaution for possible misuse. Beyond storage, the data will not be processed in any other way, however. The data are erased automatically after the retention period.

Your rights

What are your rights?

You have the right to give and revoke your consent to processing in Celianet or by contacting Celia’s customer service. You have the right to access your personal data stored by Celia and request corrections to the data if necessary.

If you no longer wish to be our user, you have the right to ask Celia’s customer service to erase your data. Under the EU GDPR, you also have the right to restrict processing of your data, object to processing and transfer your data to another controller.

You can ask Celia to provide you your personal data we have stored.

How can I erase my data?

If you no longer wish to be our user, you can ask Celia’s customer service to erase your data.

We will erase your user information from our systems but will continue to store some of your personal data until our obligation under the Finnish Copyright Act has expired.

Who can I contact?

You can contact Celia’s customer service by emailing You can also notify your local library of changes in your contact information.

In matters related to our privacy statement and general data protection, contact Celia’s Development Manager Markku Leino at or Celia’s Data Protection Officer Jyrki Tuohela at