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Summary of terms of use

Summary of Celia’s terms of use

This summary contains rules that apply to new private users of Celia’s services. The complete terms of use are available at By registering as a user of Celia’s services, you agree to comply with Celia’s terms of use.

Right to use Celia’s talking books

Celia’s books can be used by anyone unable to read printed text due to illness or learning difficulties. Children under the age of 15 use Celia’s service under their guardian’s responsibility. Use of the service is free of charge.

Registering for Celia’s services

You can register as a user of Celia’s services at libraries and academic libraries. You are responsible for confirming that you have a print disability and therefore the right to use Celia’s services. At schools, special needs teachers can register pupils for Celia’s services.
The person registering you will tell you about restrictions related to the use of Celia’s books. These concern the right to use the service and turning over books to third parties.

Celia’s online talking books

You can listen to talking books online with user identifiers to the Celianet online service and mobile app. You can loan up to one hundred books per month to listen using the available methods.

Celia’s CD talking books

If you do not have access to online talking books, you can loan talking books on CDs.
If you have joined one or several CD book clubs, you get up to five books each month through the book clubs. You can loan additional CD talking books from the Celianet online service. You can loan up to 14 CD talking books each month, including books received through book clubs. The CDs will be mailed to your home. Loaned books are not returned to Celia but must be destroyed after use.

Consequences of misuse

Celia’s materials are produced in accordance with the Finnish Copyright Act for the personal use of people with a print disability. Turning over material to others and sharing it online is forbidden. A watermark is included in downloaded books that makes it possible to identify the original user of the book.

Serious and repeated violation of the terms of use will result in a temporary revoking of the right to access Celia’s services. Blatant copyright offences or violations will be reported to the police.

Privacy and user communications

Information provided at the time of registration and during the use of the service is stored in Celia’s data system. Celia has the right to communicate with users regarding matters related to the use of the services. For more information about privacy, visit
The terms of use have been updated on 26 February 2018 and are in effect until further notice.