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Terms in English

Terms of use of Celia’s services

Summary of terms of use.
Privacy information.

Purpose of the terms of use and access to the services

Celia’s services are intended for persons for whom reading print is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury or other disability. Poor proficiency in Finnish or Swedish does not entitle access to material offered by Celia.

Special material for the visually impaired may only be loaned by visually impaired persons, while study materials in Braille and tactile images may only be loaned by visually impaired pupils and students. Persons living outside Finland may access Celia’s talking books and e-books via the online service if they have a need for books published in Finnish or Finland-Swedish and do not have access to these via their local library.

As a user of Celia’s services or a contact person for the service, you agree to follow these terms of use. Celia’s director is responsible for the application of the terms of use.

Registering for Celia’s services

Celia’s services can be accessed by registering as a user at the city library. Special needs teachers at schools and academic libraries can also register pupils and students for the service. Written proof of a print disability is not required; instead, the library’s or education institution’s staff inform the user about restrictions on the use of books offered by Celia.

The service user or his or her contact person is responsible for the legitimacy of the print disability, in other words that the user is entitled to access Celia’s services. Children under the age of 15 use Celia’s material under the responsibility of their contact person.

If registration for Celia’s service is not offered by the library, the service agreement can be made with an online form filled in by a healthcare or special education professional or similar expert.

Becoming Celia’s institutional user

Organisations providing services to persons with a print disability, such as libraries, academic libraries, healthcare and welfare service organisations, education institutions, day-cares and prisons may order Celia’s materials via the online service and loan them to users with a print disability.

Institutional users can become a user by signing an electronic agreement. The organisation is responsible for ensuring that Celia’s materials are accessed only by persons entitled to the material.

Lending policy

Lending Celia’s material is free of charge.

Talking book service

Talking books may be loaned by all users of the service aged four and up. The monthly limit for loans is 100 books for both the streaming service and the mobile app. In addition, users may download 100 books each month. Copying downloaded books for use by more than one person is prohibited. Downloaded book files must be deleted after use.

Loaning CD talking books and Braille books

Private individuals may loan up to 14 CD talking books or Braille books per month. Loaned books are not returned to Celia but deleted after use. Institutional users may loan up to 100 CD talking books or 14 Braille books per month. The books must be deleted after use.

Tactile books and children’s picture books

Celia’s tactile books are suitable for children ages two and up. Up to two tactile books and picture books may be loaned at a time. The books must be returned to Celia by the due date.

Proposals for books to be produced

People make acquisition proposals for fiction and non-fiction books they wish to have produced in the collection.

We supplement our selection of textbooks for basic, secondary and higher education in accordance with the production policy of educational materials. New educational materials are converted to an accessible format based on purchase proposals, with certain restrictions.

Consequences of misuse

In accordance with Section 17 of the Finnish Copyright Act, Celia’s materials are produced only for personal use by persons with a print disability. Handing over material to others and sharing it online are strictly prohibited. Downloaded books contain a digital watermark that makes it possible to identify the book’s original user.

Failure to return loaned material or intentional destruction of material will result in the revoking of the right to access the services. Access is restored once the material is returned or replaced. The replacement price is the price of a copy of the book.

Serious and repeated violation of these terms of use will result in a temporary revoking of the right to access Celia’s services. Blatant copyright offences or violations that come to Celia’s attention will be reported to the police.

Communication with the service’s users

Celia has the right to communicate with users about matters that concern the use of the services through appropriate channels. In its marketing activities, Celia complies with the Personal Data Act (22.4.1999/523) and Act on Electronic Communications Services (7.11.2014/917).


We process personal data collected during registration and use of the service in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and ensure that data subjects’ rights are exercised. For more information, see Celia’s privacy statement.

The terms of use have been updated on 26 February 2018 and are in effect until further notice.

Celia has the right to unilaterally make minor changes to the terms of use for a justified reason. Celia will announce the changes on its website, and the changes may take effect in one week of the announcement at the earliest. Users are responsible for monitoring changes to the terms of use and to notify Celia’s customer service of their objection to the changes without delay. Objecting to the changed terms of use may result in the termination of the user relationship by Celia.