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Textbooks for Schoolchildren and Students

A woman sitting on stairs at a library, listening with headphones

Celia’s study materials can be used by all schoolchildren and students studying in Finland who are unable to read printed books.

Our selection of talking books, Braille and electronic books also includes different relief pictures and relief maps. Further information about different types of books and learning materials can be found in the Product Information section of the website (information in Finnish).

Primary school, secondary school and vocational colleges

Celia offers accessible versions of textbooks free of charge to Finnish and Swedish-language primary and secondary schools and vocational colleges. We encourage using the textbooks already available in our collections, but schools and individuals can also recommend books for us to produce. This service is only available in Finland.


University course books can be borrowed from Celia free of charge. More information on how to register as a student user at your local university library in Finland and borrow books may be found in the University Students section of the website (information in Finnish).